US HISTORY ESSAY ASSIGNMENT FEBRUARY 2013 SECTIONALSIM 1800-1860Write an essay in which you discuss sectionalism in American history in the first half of the nineteenth century (roughly 1800-1860). It is OK if you reach back into the eighteenth century to support your main points but the bulk of your essay should focus on the sixty years leading up to the Civil War. Choose specific events or topics as your evidence and explain how they highlight sectional issues.Your essay should be AT LEAST 2 typed pages double-spaced 12-point font. You MUST have a thesis or some central arguments which you support throughout your essay. Do not ramble on and on but be organized and concise as you write. Limit yourself to what we have discussed in class but also feel free to consult outside sources. If you do you must give credit where credit is due. This is very important.(text book chapter15-19( Focus on economy.)

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