1. People with a _______ can eat just about anything they want and not gain weight.A. fixed weight set pointB. low metabolic rateC. fixed proportion of fat cellsD. high metabolic rate2. According to your textbook s treatment of Kohlberg s theory of moral development a focus on rewards and punishment in respect to a moral dilemma is characteristic ofA. adolescents who have reached the formal operational stage of moral developmentB. children who haven t grasped the principle of object constancyC. children who haven t reached the conventional stage of moral developmentD. adolescents who have reached the conventional level of moral development3. If you agree with B. F. Skinner as to the nature of personality you would also agree thatA. humans are infinitely changeable because they can learn new behavior patternsB. personality is shaped by people s thoughts feelings expectations and valuesC. human personality is largely shaped through observational learningD. traits like sociability arise from unconscious wishes to be liked by others4. In Maslow s needs hierarchy people whose need for _______ has been fulfilled are poised to ascend to the level of self-actualization.A. achievementB. esteemC. love and belongingnessD. safety

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