This a finantialroject analysis of a Medical stent products. please see word document attached with the explanation. There are 2 Excel sheets attached as a samples of excel spread sheet. They dont have to be exactly or changing numbers on it is just a guideline of a Excel spread sheet.1. For this basic scenario calculate the projects cash flows WACC NPV IRR Payback Period Profitability Index Discounted Payback and MIRR. Graph an NPV profile. Evaluate whether the project should be undertaken.2. For this more advanced scenario calculate the projects cash flows NPV IRR and MIRR.3. Risk analysis:Perform a sensitivity analysis for NPV for the more advanced cash flow case. Graph on the same axes the NPV for 5% 10% 15% and 20% deviations from the base case for the parameters: initial size of cardiac stenting market Year 5 ultimate percent market share for cardiac stents initial market size for carotid stents materials cost per unit and selling price.

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