Assume you could invest 100000 in common stock of this company. To help you evaluate this potential investment carefully examine exhibit 14-7 which reproduces the research report on AT & T from value line. The report published in March of 2010.1. Based on the research provided by Value Line would you buy AT&Ts stock? Justify your answer.3. On Wednesday May 19 2010 AT&Ts common stock was selling for $25 a share. Using a newspaper or the Internet determine the current price for a share of AT&Ts common stock. Based on this information would your investment have been profitable if you had purchased the stock for $25 a share? (Hint: AT&Ts stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and its stock symbol is T.)4. Assuming you purchased AT&Ts stock on May 19 2010 and based on your answer to question 3 would you want to hold or sell your AT&T stock? Explain your answer.

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