1.) Which of the following is the only component listed below that is different in a response that rejects an inquiry than in one that accepts an inquiry?A. Acknowledge the inquiry.B. Offer an alternative.C. Build goodwill.D. Conclude in a friendly manner.2.) When you show your audience how something is done define and describe a process as it happens and educate the audience you are providing: A. an informal presentation.B. a persuasive presentation.C. a demonstration.D. a training session.3.) Which of the following is NOT true concerning electronic messages?A. Do not respond immediately to a message that upsets you.B. Keep the message brief and on topic.C. You do not need to refer to the content of the original message by quoting or summarizing the subject.D. Cover only one topic in each message to make replying forwarding or organizing archived messages easier.4.) When using flip charts or posters in a presentation the people in the last row should be able to easily read the information on the visual; allow __________ of letter height for every ten feet of audience. A. 1/2 inchB. 1 1/2 inchesC. 1 inchD. 2 inches

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