1.) Which of the following is the best example of a formal presentation situation? A. Presentation of your findings at weekly departmental meetingsB. A short presentation to a group of people who will use the information you present as a springboard for a group discussionC. A meeting with your immediate supervisorD. A presentation to corporate executives or international customers2.) Audience members who include people in decision-making positions who may have limited technical experience such as corporate officers governmental officials and military leaders are best described as: A. professional peers.B. non expert professionals.C. international audiences.D. general audiences.3.) When you show your audience how something is done define and describe a process as it happens and educate the audience you are providing: A. an informal presentation.B. a persuasive presentation.C. a demonstration.D. a training session.4.) When you avoid cramming too much information into the allotted time intersperse difficult material with easier material and use a variety of activities you are using the strategy of: A. making what you say easy to listen to and remember.B. varying the pacing and structure of your presentation.C. encouraging active involvement.D. creating an audience-centered atmosphere.

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