Based on what you know about the universe put a Y by the things below that are possible and a N by things that are not possible. Assume that you can visit any planet or moon in the solar system. ____ Finding running water on Titan ____ Finding a place on Earth where the North Star is never visible ____ Seeing a full moon at 1 PM from a mid-latitude location such as Tokyo Seoul or Washington DC. ____ Measuring a parallax of .01 seconds of arc for a quasar ____ Finding a place on Earth where the North Star is always visible (or would be if it was dark and there were no clouds). ____ Seeing a total eclipse of the sun (by the Earth) while standing on the Moon. ____ Walking around on Venus wearing street clothes and a gas mask and living to tell about it ____ Finding a place on some planet in the solar system where the sun is continuously below the horizon for 5 Earth years ____ Seeing an erupting volcano on some body in the solar system other than Earth

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