Question 1 The United States is responsible for __________ of the worlds total energy consumption. A. 15% B. 25% C. 35% D. 45% Question 2 According to the article The Grim Payback of Greed our level of consumerism: A. is essentially a creation of the 20th century. B. has declined in the West but is growing rapidly in developing countries. C. is highly correlated with reported levels of happiness. D. is tied to our vast wealth and to forces in the modern world that encourage people to acton their consumption desires. Question 3 Indirectly the meat-eating quarter of humanity consumes nearly __________ of the worlds grain. A. 15% B. 20% C. 40% D. 50% Question 4 According to the National Academy of Sciences the Earths surface temperature has risen about __________ in the past century. A. 1% B. 5% C. 10% D. 12%

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