Question 1 According to the book The Fifth Discipline which of the following disciplines is the one upon which are others are based? A. Team Learning B. Shared Vision C. Personal Mastery D. Systems Thinking Question 2 When members of a team suspend their assumptions and take up a think together mode that embraces the collective good and eschews self-interest it is a phenomenon called: A. conversation. B. dialogue. C. discussion. D. conversion. Question 3 All of the following can be obstacles that result in behavioral discrepancies EXCEPT: A. time. B. equipment. C. training. D. people. Question 4With the in-basket method the trainee is analyzed and critiqued on all of the following EXCEPT: A. the number of decisions made in the time allotted. B. the quality of the decisions. C. the behavior the trainee exhibited during the process. D. the priorities chosen for decision making.

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