1. If your supporting point is designated by a capital letter its subordinate points would be designated by: lowercase letters. uppercase letters. Arabic numerals. Roman numerals. Celtic runes. 2. Because audiences in modern American culture prefer speeches that are brief to the point and unadorned it is usually best to use a style that is: balanced. varied. concise. informal. uncluttered. 3. Which of the following is a common problem related to pauses in a speech? The speaker pauses too often. The speaker pauses at the wrong places. The speaker uses vocalized pauses. all of these 4. The speaker pauses too often and The speaker pauses at the wrong places only Hubert addressed his audience saying I dunno howmanyayoo wanna maka lotta money after college. Huberts inability to sound out his words distinctly shows that he should work on: inflection. enunciation. articulation. pronunciation. English.

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