1. I want to write a paper on some aspect of management. An example of a good research question might be: a) What is the history of management theory? b) Which management theory was popular in 1990c) What factors have influenced the rise of self-managed teams in the health care industry? d) What percentage of self-managed teams in the health care industry are successful2. If you are searching for federal food regulations the best place to search would be: a) the Food Info Net Regulations Web siteb) the USDA Agriculture Web sitec) the Library of Congress Science Reference Guides Locating Health and Medical Informationd) Health Source: Consumer Edition database3. If you are doing research on discrimination in the workplace the best database to consult would be: a) ERIC b) ACM Digital Library c) Points of View Reference Center d) ABI/Inform4. You find an article in a journal and are not certain whether or not the journal is scholarly. Which of the following is NOT a criterion to use in deciding if an article is worth considering for scholarly research? a) relevanceb) correct use of APA style c) currency of publicationd) intended audience

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