Question 1 In India what is the practice of suttee? A. Women being denied inheritance rights upon their husbands death. B. The killing of a woman who has shamed the family by her father or brother. C. The binding of an upper class womans feet to demonstrate she need not work. D. The burning of the living widow during cremation with her dead husband. Question 2 Women have experienced the greatest increase in professional degrees since 1970 in the field of: A. engineering. B. medical surgery. C. dentistry. D. law. Question 3 In which nation do workers pay the greatest amount of their salaries into social security taxes? A. The United States B. England C. Poland D. Germany Question 4 In contrast to how living to a ripe old age is viewed in the industrial society how did the people of colonial America view aging?A. It was a significant accomplishment. B. It was a burden on society. C. It was a natural course of life. D. People viewed it with indifference.

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