1. What include in a keyword search when you wish broaden the search and find any documents containing at least one of a list of two or more terms? A. AND B. * C. NOT D. OR2. helpful to use keywords when searching for ideas related to your subject because doing so A. allows you to finish your research after one single search. B. can lead you to other more refined topics within you subject. C. provides exact results. D. enables to avoid plagiarism.3. In MLA style how long must a quote be to be a block quotation? A. More than 8 lines B. More than 2 lines C. More than 4 lines D. 50 words or more4. Why its helpful to search for a bibliography on a topic? A. bibliography provides only books you can use as sources. B. bibliography search normally isnt helpful. C. Once you complete the basic bibliography search youre finished finding sources. D. bibliography can provide you with a list of various sources on your topic.

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