1. In a study examining preschoolers responses to their peers distress researchers used _______ to record each instance in which a child cried followed by other childrens reactions. A. time sampling B. systematic collection C. event sampling D. structured observation 2. According to Erikson children learn how to cooperate with others during the _______ stage. A. basic trust versus mistrust B. autonomy versus shame and doubt C. initiative versus guilt D. industry versus inferiority 3. Dr. Muse a sociocultural theorist speculates that childrens ability to reminisce about the past can be promoted through adult teaching. This is an example of a A. theory. B. hypothesis. C. research question. D. research method.4. A criticism of the information-processing approach is that it A. doesnt form a comprehensive theory. B. lacks scientific research. C. focuses on creativity and imagination while ignoring other mental processes. D. views children as blank slates.

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