1. The idea that police should focus on law enforcement and leave social services and the maintenance of order to others was fostered by A. August Vollmer. B. Robert Peel. C. Fernando Wood.2. The technological and management system that aims to make the police better organized and more effective crime fighters is called A. community policing. B. PEPPAS. C. FLETC. D. CompStat.3. When officers have essentially the same enforcement powers as local police in the state and can work cases and enforce the law anywhere within the state we can say they are following the _______ model of law enforcement. A. highway B. state police C. federal enforcement D. universal4. The Homeland Security Act made the departments of Homeland Security and Justice A. overseers of FBI activity. B. employers of federal officers in the U.S. territories. C. senior to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. D. the largest employers of federal officers with arrest and firearm authority.

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