1. Aspects of personality temperament and behaiors can make children more susceptible to developing alcohol use disorders such as__________ a. high self- regualtionb. antisocial behavior c. high self-control d. effective stress management 2. It is recommended that a person sip slowly so that he or she has no more than ___________ with alcohol per hour. a. 2 standard drinks b. 4 standard drinksc. 1 standard drinks d. 3 standard drinks 3. Federal legislation placed new emphasis on solving Americas alcohol problems and created the NIAAA. What does NIAAA stand for? a. national institute for america s alcohol abuse b. national institute for alchololism and alcohol abuse c. national insititute on alchololism and abuse in americad. national institute on alcohol abuse and alocholism 4. If youre planning to drink you should_________ a. use protection for sexb. have a designated driver to take a taxic. avoid drinking a boat d. all of the above

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