1. Sixteen-year-old Bonita strives to develop a sense of herself as a separate selfgoverning individual. Bonita is developing A. maturation. B. coregulation. C. autonomy. D. adolescence 2. Which child probably watches TV most often? A. Bonnie from a low-SES family B. Brynn whose parents only watch the news C. Brandi who comes from a small family D. Brenda from a high-SES family 3. In dual-earner families the fathers _______ is crucial to the emotional health of the mother. A. earning potential B. attitude toward career-oriented women C. work schedule D. willingness to share child-care responsibilities 4. In Mr. Yis classroom students participate in a wide range of challenging activities with teachers and peers with whom they jointly construct understandings. Mr. Yi most likely teaches in a _______ classroom. A. philosophical B. social-constructivist C. traditional D. Montessori

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