1. Which student is most likely to express interest in computers and rate his or her computer skills as excellent? A. A high-SES girl B. A low-SES girl C. A high-SES boy D. A low-SES boy 2. The most common form of the blended family is a _______ arrangement. A. mother-stepfather B. grandparent-grandchild C. father-stepmother D. motherfoster mother 3. Parents start to socialize their children in earnest during A. the first year when babies can interact socially. B. the second year when toddlers are first able to comply with parental directions. C. the preschool years when children start formal schooling. D. early adolescence when per pressure is strongest. 4. Friendships start to become more complex and psychologically based during the stage of Friendship as A. Mutual Trust and Assistance. B. Commitment. C. Intimacy Mutual Understanding and Loyalty. D. a Handy Playmate.

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