1. The term quantum mechanics refers to the study of A. subatomic particles. B. astronomy. C. molecular chemistry. D. cosmology.2. The single event that was most critical in encouraging regimentation and collectivism in Western countries was A. the First World War. B. World War II. C. the Russian Revolution. D. the Great Depression.3. The British argued that the banning of the opium trade by Chinese authorities in 1839 was wrong because it violated A. freedom of commerce. B. basic human decency C. Britains right to do whatever it wanted. D. the rights of individual Chinese to do as they pleased.4. With regards XXXXX XXXXX mining and agriculture industry in the nineteenth century which of the following statements is false? A. Reliance on export crops provided peasants a more reliable source of income B. Private investment grew C. Large companies tried to be paternalistic to keep workers from rebelling D. Specialization became more common

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