Question 1Secure Investments Inc. a U.S. firm expands into international markets through a joint venture. In this situation Secure ownsa. all of the operation and its profits and liabilities.b. all of the operation and none of its profits and liabilities.c. none of the operation and none of its profits and liabilities.d. part of the operation and shares its profits and liabilities.Question 2Significant business develops in Mexico for Eye Contact Cosmetics Inc. a U.S. firm. Eye Contact appoints Ojos Ltd. a Mexican firm to act as Eye Contacts marketing representative in Mexico. This isa. a joint venture.b. franchising.c. indirect exporting.d. licensing.Question 3Suisse Internationale a Swiss maker of athletic equipment enters into a price fixing agreement with Total World Sports a U.S. wholesaler of Suisses products. U.S. courts will apply U.S. antitrust laws ifa. the agreement was made in Switzerland.b. the agreement was made in the United States.c. the price fixing has a substantial effect on U.S. commerce.d. the Swiss government agrees to be sued in the United States.Question 4The United States and other members of a certain organization agree to grant normal trade relations status on each other with regard to imports and exports. This organization isa. the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.b. the International Export-Import Bank.c. the United Nations.d. the World Trade Organization.

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