1. WiFi Corporation a U.S. firm signs a contract with Bueno Computadores Ltd. an Argentinean firm for a shipment and payment for WiFis goods. This is Choose one answer.a. a distribution agreement.b. a joint venture.c. direct exporting.d. licensing.2. Yokio Ltd. and Zeno S.A. transact an international sale of goods. At the request of these parties a court in Portugal resolves a dispute between them. A U.S. court will most likely honor the judgmentChoose one answer.a. if it is consistent with U.S. laws and public policy.b. if it is consistent with Portuguese laws and public policy.c. if it does not benefit the U.S. to deny it.d. under no circumstances.3. (TCO1) When the dean of the college of business downsized the college from five departments to four departments the dean primarily was performing the ____ function of management. (Points : 2)a. organizingb. controllingc. coordinatingd. leadinge. planning and decision making4. (TCO 2) When LarMar Foods introduced Garlic Expressions salad dressing it was concerned about locating and using the computer software needed to track orders and keep up with accounting records. With which dimension of the general environment was the founder of the company most concerned? (Points : 2)a. Taskb. Political-legalc. Suppliersd. Technologicale. Economic

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