1. (TCO 2) Air Tran Airlines (formerly ValuJet) has an airplane fleet that is older than those owned by other airlines. This is a potential ____ because it can give the company an image of poor quality or unsafe planes. (Points : 2)organizational weaknessstrategic limitationentropyorganizational threatorganizational opportunity2. (TCO3) A firm is taking a(n) ____ stance when it actively looks for ways to benefit society as well as meeting its obligations and responding to requests. (Points : 2)reactiveobstructionistproactiveaccommodativedefensive3. (TCO4) Domestic managers who become international managers face several environmental challenges. Which of the following is NOT one of the additional environmental challenges that international managers face? (Points : 2)TechnologicalPoliticalEconomicCulturalLegal4. (TCO4) Princeton High School requires all written information sent to parents to be in English and Spanish. This is ____ that organizations can use to demonstrate understanding of the different needs of stakeholders. (Points : 2)an organizational policydiversity trainingselective recruitmenta supportive organization culturean organizational practice

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