1. Roberto the research manager for Agri-Products Inc. applies Utilitarian ethics to determine that an action is morally correct when it produces . The greatest good for Roberto. The greatest good for the most people. The least good for the fewest people. The least good for the most people.2. Mega Corporation engages in ethical behavior solely for the purpose of getting good publicity and thereby increasing profits. Mega is . Acting immorally in pursuit of profits. Acting unethically in the pursuit of good publicity. Acting unethically in setting its priorities. Not acting unethically if one is an ethical egoist.3. Which statement is correct about the employment at-will doctrine in the United States. It has been abrogated by federal statute.. Employers can fire at-will but by federal law they are required to pay severance based on employee pay and length of service.. It can result in a legal but immoral discharge.. It never applies to minorities since they cannot be discharged pursuant to the Civil Rights Act.4. Which of the following is NOT an accurate statement about the Utilitarian ethical theory? . It determines the moral worth of an action based on the form of the action. It may allow the personal interests of individuals to be sacrificed so that the collective good be attained. It is usually regarded as a consequentialist ethical theory. It determines the moral worth of an action by whether the action achieves the greatest overall balance of satisfaction over dissatisfaction.

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