1. Studies indicate that most unemployed American workers lost or left their jobs becausethey are lazy.of economic slowdowns and corporate restructuring.they are undereducated for the work they are doing.they wanted to be out of work in order to collect unemployment benefits.they were not getting paid enough to cover their job-related expenses.2. ________ was called the great leveler when it began in the early nineteenth century.Social welfarePublic educationThe federal governmentThe Internal Revenue ServiceSocial Security3. The basis for containment policy was the assumption thatthe territorial and ideological ambitions of an aggressor nation can only be blocked by determined opposition.the spread of nuclear weapons is a danger to the world and must be stopped.economic trade should be tailored to benefit the full industrialized nations through the formation of economic communities.an arms race will inevitably escalate and therefore must be stopped through negotiations at an early stage.terrorism can be contained within a few countries.4. ________ led the communist takeover of China in 1949.Mikhail GorbachevJiang ZeminChiang Kai-ShekMao ZedongKim Jong Il

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