1. What graph should be used to show the relationship between the parts and the whole? A. histogramB. pie chartC. bar chartD. box plotE. time series plot2. A small independent organic food store offers a variety of specialty coffees. To determine whether price has an impact on sales the managers kept track of how many pounds of each variety of coffee were sold last month. The data are shown in the table below. PRICE PER POUNDPOUNDS SOLD $ 3.99 75 $ 5.99 60 $ 7.00 65 $ 12.00 45 $ 4.50 80 $ 7.50 70 $ 15.00 25 $ 10.00 35 $ 12.50 40 $ 8.99 50The correlation coefficient is A. 0.8585B. 0.9265C. -0.9265D. -0.8585E. none of the above3. Which of the following survey questions is a loaded question? A. Given the prevalence of identity theft are you reluctant to provide credit card information onlineB. Are you confident that any information you provide online is secureC. Are you concerned about the security of online transactionsD. Both A and BE. Both B and C4. In the Consumer Reports Health study on arthritis drugs possible side effects is what kind of variable? A. Quantitative.B. Categorical.C. Nominal.D. Both A and C.E. Both B and C.

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