1. The set of all elements of interest in a particular study is A. The sample. B. The population.C. The variable.D. Descriptive statistics.E. None of the above.2. Which of the following survey questions is a loaded question? A. Given the prevalence of identity theft are you reluctant to provide credit card information onlineB. Are you confident that any information you provide online is secureC. Are you concerned about the security of online transactionsD. Both A and BE. Both B and C3. A graphical presentation of the relationship between two quantitative variables is A. An ogive.B. A histogram.C. A bar chart. D. A scatter diagram.E. All of the above.Use the following information to do the next two problems:A survey of 800 College seniors produced the following contingency table (cross-tabulation) regarding their undergraduate major and whether or not they planned to go to graduate school. Undergraduate MajorGraduate School Business Engineering OtherTotalYes 70 84 126280No 182 208 130520Total 252 292 256 8004. Of those students that are majoring in Business what percent plans to go to graduate school? A. 27.78% B. 8.75%C. 70%D. 72.22%E. none of the above

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