1. An Internet study asked respondents to indicate their education level on the following scale: Less than High School High School Some College College +. Which of the following statements is (are) true? A. Education level is a categorical variable. B. Education level is nominal scaled. C. Education level is ordinal scaled.D. Both A and BE. Both A and C2. In the Consumer Reports Health study on arthritis drugs possible side effects is what kind of variable? A. Quantitative.B. Categorical.C. Nominal.D. Both A and C.E. Both B and C.3. The Consumer Reports Health study on arthritis drugs also took into consideration cost. Cost is A. is a nominal variable.B. is a categorical variable. C. is as quantitative variable. D. is an ordinal variable. E. is an irrelevant variable.4. Which of the following is (are) based on cross sectional dataA. Company quarterly profits.B. Percentage of American adults who work full time.C. Historical closing stock prices.D. All of the above.E. None of the above.

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