1. An item is originally priced to sell for $75 and is marked down 25%. A customer has a coupon for an additional 5%. What is the total percent reduction ? The total percent reduction is ____%2. Paul s Grocery received 1000 pounds of onions at $0.12 per pound. On the average 4% of the onions will spoil before selling. Find the selling price per pound to obtain a markup rate of 180% based on cost. The selling price per pound is $____1000*.12 = 120 cost Mark up = 120*1.8 = 216 3. A director of accounts received a bill for $644 dated April 5 with sales terms 2/10 1/15 n/30. A 3% penalty is charged for payment after 30 days. If the director of accounts pays on or after May 6 how much must he pay? The total bill is $___4.An invoice for $300 is dated October 4 and has sales terms of 5/10 ROG. The merchandise arrives October 20. How much is due if the bill is paid October 27? The net amount due is ____

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