1. At Common Law which of the following elements is not accurate regarding the crime of Burglary?a. Trespass orgy breaking and enteringb. Of the dwelling of anotherc. In the nighttime ellen lawd. With the intent to commit a misdemeanor2. Bill says to John Give me $50 right now or the next time I see you I ll slice your nostrils with a razor blade. Bill is most likely guilty ofa. robberyb. extortionc. A and Bd. None of the above3. Bill sees a $100 bill lying on the front seat of his friend s car. He takes the car and the money to the racetrack intending to return both. After winning $1000 on a bet he placed using his friend s $100 he returns the car to its original location and in gratitude leaves his friend $200. Bill could be convicted ofa. larceny of the money onlyb. larceny of the car onlyc. larceny of the money and the card. nothing4. Billy writes a check on his bank account even though he knows there are insufficient funds to cover the amount of the check. He may be guilty ofa. forgeryb. obtaining property by false pretensesc. embezzlementd. none of the above

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