1. One of the principal reasons for the failure of McCarthyism was(A) the return of the Socialist Party as a prominent political force(B) the inability of Hollywood to make movies about Communism(C) the refusal of White progressives to support McCarthy in 1954(D) the failure of teachers in the South to sign loyalty oaths(E) the waning of support for unsubstantiated accusations from both political parties2. Southern state governments did all of the following in stalling desegregation EXCEPT(A) the creation of separate public universities for African Americans(B) the development of separate Whites-only private schools(C) the closing of public schools to avoid the prospect of racial integration(D) the inclusion of African Americans in the political process for the first time(E) the provision of funds for rebuilding and expanding Ku Klux Klan networks throughout the South3. In the period 1945 1960 all of the following were generally true about African Americans EXCEPT:(A) Voting rights were gained primarily through migrations away from the South.(B) The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) endorsed the Back-to-Africa movement.(C) African American leaders disagreed on the principal strategy for ending segregation.(D) Numerous African Americans involved themselves in civil rights campaigns in both the North and the South.(E) African Americans from the rural South migrated mostly to northern and West Coast cities.4. Conservative opponents of the United Nations argued that it would(A) isolate the United States from postwar world affairs(B) prevent the US from aggressively confronting Communism around the world(C) violate President Truman s own Truman Doctrine(D) limit United States sovereignty(E) give England and France a greater role than the United States in maintaining world peace

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