Question 1Qualitative research would be preferred over quantitative research in all of the following situations EXCEPT when the research objective is to:A. gain an insight into an issue or a problem.B. determine the magnitude of a response.C. understand a psychoanalytical phenomenon.D. understand a cultural phenomenon.Question 2Which of the following statements does NOT apply to qualitative data?A. It employs member checking.B. It is more textual in nature.C. Its goal is to understand a phenomenon instead of quantifying the magnitude of relationships.D. The analysis of such data is non-iterative.Question 3Instead of outlining a hypothesis a researcher decides to look at the data and then come up with a hypothesized relationship. This process of deducing themes and patterns as one goes through the data is indicative of a(n) __________ analysis.A. predictiveB. deductiveC. inductiveD. selectiveQuestion 4Which of the following is the least likely to be a thick description?A. A description based on observation of a small number of individuals over an extended time period.B. A description based on survey data collected from a large sample of 2000 respondents.C. A description that connects behavior to the larger social context in which it occurs.D. A description of the consumption behavior for Pepsi in the social context of beverages consumed in schools.

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