1. Which of the following statements is false about the process of iteration?A. The iterative process may uncover issues that were previously undiscovered.B. The iterative process must occur before integration.C. The iterative process may involve additional data collection.D. An important part of the iterative process is memoing.2. After each interview a researcher writes down her thoughts and feelings so that she could use those notes later when she does her qualitative data analysis. This process of writing notes is called:A. negative case analysis.B. memoing.C. thick description.D. tabulation.3. In an early stage of developing grounded theory a researcher develops a theory that is largely incorrect. Which of the following processes is intended to protect researchers from falling victims to early biases and preexisting prejudices?A. Negative case analysisB. MemoingC. Thick descriptionD. Selective coding4. Which of the following statements is true regarding the role of tabulation?A. The data collected in qualitative research is similar to survey data.B. Frequency of mention is a reliable measure of research importance.C. Counting responses can keep researchers honest by providing a counterweight to biases they may bring to the analysis.D. Analysis of co-occurrence of themes can be misleading.

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