1. All of the following are examples of sampling as witnessed in everyday life EXCEPT:A. an interviewer making a judgment about a job candidate based on a good first impression.B. a person flipping through television channels to find a program worth watching.C. a person buying a house to live in with his family.D. a person flipping through pages of magazines at a book store to determine which magazine to buy.2. Toyota Corporation is interested in determining the satisfaction of Lexus users. Instead of sampling the entire population of car owners Toyota samples those who owned a Lexus. Toyota is drawing its sample from a:A. sampling unit.B. defined target population.C. designated sampling population.D. subset relevant population.3. Probability sampling is undertaken to achieve all of the following EXCEPT:A. to ensure unbiased selection of sampling units.B. to ensure proper sampling representation of the defined target population.C. to ensure that every member of the defined target population has a known and equal probability of being included in the sample.D. to allow the researcher to judge the reliability and validity of data collected.4. An instructor teaching an introductory course in marketing has 300 students enrolled in her class. Some students in the class request the instructor to cancel her class on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. She agrees to do so if 70 percent of the students agreed with the proposal to cancel the class. Instead of asking every student to participate in the poll she asks students to write their names on index cards and put them in a collection basket. She then asks a student to pull out 30 cards from the basket without looking at the basket or the cards. The instructor is practicing what kind of sampling technique?A. Systematic random sampleB. Simple random sampleC. Stratified random sampleD. Convenience sample

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