1. Consumer panels as a commercial data collection method:A. use a rigorous data collection approach.B. cost higher than primary data collection methods.C. primarily measure media consumption habits as opposed to product or brand consumption.D. measure product and brand movement directly at the point of sale.2. John is getting ready to conduct a store audit. He makes a list of key variables measured in a store audit. Which of the following is NOT one of them?A. Beginning and ending inventory levelsB. Sales receiptsC. Point-of-purchase displaysD. Consumer attitudes toward store displays3. Constructs:A. are an observable item used as a measure on a questionnaire.B. have concrete properties and are measured directly.C. are associations between two or more variables.D. are an unobservable concept measured by a group of related variables.4. Conceptualization of a model means developing a:A. research hypotheses based on a literature review.B. model that shows variables and hypothesized relationships between them.C. computer model to do statistical testing of hypothesized relationships.D. conceptual model of a new product before it is tested in a lab setting.

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