1. The purpose of the 22nd Amendment was to(A) grant women the right to vote(B) limit the presidency to two terms(C) establish a federal income tax(D) abolish the institution of slavery(E) maintain that corporations are people2. America became an economic and military superpower by and after 1945 because(A) it was a period of little material benefit for American workers(B) of the large numbers of strikes that occurred(C) it was an age in which the US economy expanded like never before(D) not possessing an atomic weapon was a dominant theme of this era.(E) armies and navies made heavy use of cannon to protect their borders3. Suburban growth in the US accelerated between 1945 and 1980 for all of the following reasons EXCEPT(A) mass immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe(B) much higher birth rates than in previous periods in US history(C) the movement of industries outside of city centers(D) the use of prefabricated materials to construct housing on relatively cheaper land(E) the use of low-interest government-backed loans to make it easier to buy a home4. Which Congressional act paved the way for the reconstruction of Europe and Japan in the years after World War II?(A) The Homestead Act(B) The New Deal(C) The Fair DealD) The Marshall Plan(E) The Eisenhower Plan

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