1. US interventions in Iran in 1952 in Guatemala in 1954 led directly to which of the following results in these two countries?(A) Independence(B) The rise of Communism(C) The rise of dictatorships(D) Annexation(E) Economic prosperity2. Between 1945 and 1960 banks and real estate agencies colluded to(A) split the profits made from government-backed mortgages(B) inflate real estate and housing assets and profits before selling(C) increase competition by dividing up large companies into smaller ones(D) provide higher wages to unionized workers(E) force Blacks to buy relatively expensive low-quality housing in poorer communities3. African Americans migrated to the cities of the urban North and Midwest during and after World War II for all the following reasons EXCEPT:(A) greater opportunities for industrial jobs(B) Northern Whites welcomed them with open arms(C) the lack of economic opportunities in the South(D) better conditions for educating their children(E) the high risk of violence from Southern Whites4. Babies born in the 1945-1960 period were commonly known as:(A) Beatniks(B) The Greatest Generation(C) Baby Boomers(D) Hippies(E) Divas

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