1. Corporate ________ covers issues such as setting minority hiring practices manufacturing safe products and minimizing pollution.A. responsibilityB. philanthropyC. diversityD. structure and strategy2. One strategy guaranteed to displease your customers is to:A. provide a quality product at only a fair price.B. focus on cost and quality control systems within your organization.C. practice deception regarding product safety issues.D. shift the production of goods to foreign facilities and layoff U.S. workers.3. Investors today are realizing financial benefit by:A. investing in companies who only operate in stable environments.B. investing in firms that have abundant resources for social initiatives.C. investing in companies who are committed to a better environment.D. investing in companies who are leaving a sizeable carbon footprint.4. Insider trading involves:A. an Internet activity that establishes a barter exchange system between businesses.B. investors using private company information to further their own fortunes.C. the exchange of assets between companies in the same industry.D. a payment or reward for socially conscious behavior.

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