1. In the evolutionary tree discussed earlier in this section which two species of bears share the closest evolutionary relationship? Which two species of bears are most distantly related to one another?a. closely: spectacled and giant panda; distantly: spectacled and slothb. closely: sloth and giant panda; distantly: spectacled and giant pandac. closely: spectacled and sloth; distantly: spectacled and giant pandad. closely: spectacled and sloth; distantly: giant panda and sloth2. To what does the term macroevolution refer?a. a change over time in a large population of organismsb. an adaptation in which a small trait becomes larger over timec. a field of study that attempts to identify similarities within all of this diversity and determine which species share an evolutionary relationshipd. an adaptation that is a clearly visible physical characteristic3. What types of similarities do scientists consider when attempting to determine whether two organisms share an evolutionary relationship and a common ancestor?a. historical comparisonsb. anatomical comparisonsc. developmental pattern comparisonsd. biochemical comparisonse. all of the above4. Which of the following individuals is/are credited with devising the bionomical system of classification?a. Francis Crickb. Charles Darwinc. Rosalind Franklind. Carolus Linneause. Barbara McClintockf. Gregor Mendelg.Alfred Wallaceh. James Watson

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