1. If a firm has a price of $4.00 variable cost per unit of $2.50 and a breakeven point of 20000 units fixed cost are equal to:a. $13333b. $10000c. $30000d. $500002. A firm has profit of $10000on units sales of 5000 units. Fixed cost are $30000. what is the firm s break-even sales level?a. less than 4000 units.b. 4000 units.c. more than 4000 units.d. there is not enough information to determine the unit the break-even point.3. Tinbergen cans expect sales next year to be $30000000 inventory and accounts receivable (Combined) will increase $40000000 to accommodate this sales level. The company has a profit margin of 10percent and a 30 percent dividend payout. How much external financing will the firm have to seek? Assume there is no increase in liabilities other than that which will occur with the external financing.a. No external financing will be needed.b. less than $100000 of external financing is needed.c. between $1000000 and $2000000 of external financing is needed.d. more than $2000000 of external financing is needed.4. Under normal condition (70% probability) financing plan A will product $24000 higher return than plan B. under tight money condition (30% probability) Plan A will produce $40000 less than Plan B. what is the expected value of return plan A over Plan B?a. $28800b. $4000c. $4800d. $35200

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