1. The 2 most common methods of determining rate or premiums are:A: community & actuarial ratingB: experience & actuarial ratingC: community & experience ratingD: actuarial rating & underwritingE: underwriting & community rating2. An argument that genetic screening will inevitably lead to eugenics is probably based upon the fallacy of:A: ad populumB: hasty generalizationC: begging the questionD: slippery slope3. What is the weakness of the following argument? (1) our medical profession is under an obligation to provide all services desired and requested be patients. (2) Some terminally ill patients will request assisted suicide (3) therefore the medical profession is under an obligation to assist in the suicide of patients who request it.A: Premise 2 is not trueB: Premise 1 is not trueC: Even if both premises 1 & 2 are true they do not logically imply statement 3D: the argument has no weakness4. Regarding the Human Genome Project which of the following results is LEAST likely? It will:A: lead to eugenicsB: lead to radical new curesC: lead to monstrositiesD: not cause any ethical problems

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