1. The objective of the cost section of a proposal is to convince the customer that the contractor s price for the proposed project is:A: inexpensive & affordableB: competitive & fairC: realistic & reasonableD: fair & comprehensive2. When a project has a negative total slack some activities need to be _____________ in order to finish the project by its completion date.A: acceleratedB: leveledC: smoothed-overD: tracked3. How should a medical ethics committee be constituted? The hospital administration should chose:A: a broad selection of stakeholdersB: the best experts it can findC: the committee membersD: people who agree with him/her4. A well-run Member Service department in a MCO will always:A: be proactive in its approach to membersB: pay claims on time because the state may have time to pay requirementsC: make sure it records enrollment of members accurately because physicians get paid by that information under a capitation systemD: make sure ID cards get out on time to keep members from being dissatisfied with the MCO

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