1. Which of the following standards is often employed in order to ascertain whether or not a defendant killed in the heat of passion and whether or not the provocation was adequate from an objective vantage point?a. unreasonable personb. reasonable personc. third party inductiond. third party deduction2. Which of the following statements is not true?a. larceny by trick requires mere possessionb. larceny by trick leaves the defrauded owner with constructive possessionc. the crime of false pretenses is complete upon obtaining titled. the crime of false pretenses requires subsequent disposition of the property3. Which of the following states that two parties cannot be charged with conspiracy to commit a crime which requires a third party?a. Unilateral ruleb. Bilateral rulec. Wharton ruled. M Naghton test4. Which of the following was a possible common law defense to a charge of attempting to commit a crime?a. factual impossibility but not legal impossibilityb. legal impossibility but not factual impossibilityc. tortd. solicitation

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