1.A company manages an electronic equipment store and has ordered 100 remote controlled color TVs for a special sale. The list price for each TV is $200 with a trade discount series of 5/10/4. Find the net price of the order by using the net decimal equivalent. The total net price is $____ Round to the nearest cent as needed. 2.A television game device has a list price of $294 and a trade discount series of 5/8. Find the net price and trade discount? Net price is ____ The trade discount is _____3.A man received an invoice dated March 9 with term 2/10 n/30 amounting to $550. He paid the bill on March 12. How much was the cash discount? The cash discount was____ 4.A man gets an invoice for $410 with terms 2/10 1/5 n/28. How much would he pay 25 days after the invoice day? He would pay _____

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