1) By the mid-1880s the major issue or goal for organized labor wasA) securing legal recognition of unions.B) limiting competition for jobs by limiting immigration.C) making the eight-hour day the standard throughout all industries.D) forcing industrialists to accept collective bargaining.2) On May 1 1886 thousands of workers across Chicago went on a one-day strikeA) in support of a strike by the National Railroad Workers Union.B) demanding an end to industrialists use of hired detectives.C) for higher wages.D) to show support for the eight-hour workday movement.3) The last major violent encounter between Plains Indians and U.S. Cavalry forces occurred atA) Big Sandy Wyoming.B) Apple Creek Colorado.C) Palo Duro Canyon Texas.D) Wounded Knee South Dakota.4) In the case of Tape v. Hurley the court ruled that theA) Chinese Exclusion Act was unconstitutional.B) California capitation tax levied exclusively on Chinese was illegal.C) San Francisco School Board could not bar the admission of Chinese pupils.D) government was not obligated to extend citizenship to Chinese and other Asians.

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