1) The following investment is classified as?NCash flow0 $12001$6002$10003 $450a. Simple 1 Actual RORb. Non-Simple 1 Actual RORc. Simple up to 2 Actual RORsd. Non-Simple up to 2 Actual RORs2) A new product design is expected to require $10000 in tooling which will be worth nothing in 5 years when the project ends. Assuming an interest rate of 10% annually and annual expenses of $3000 to produce 3000 units per year. What is the average cost per unit?$1.00188$2.39$1.673) Using the rule of 72 how many years will it take to double your investment if the nominal interest rate is 12% compounded continuously?a. 7.20 yearsb. 5.65 yearsc. 5.68 yearsd. 6.00 years4) What is the Present Cost of a 5 year service contract where you will pay $5000 initially and this will decrease at a rate of $500/year starting in year one (i.e. your year 1 payment will be $4500) and will end in year 5 (i.e. 6 total payments). (i=10% annually compounded)?a.-$17204b.-$19954c.-$18628d.-$19523

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