Question$7000$4000$8000$500$80$250$480$500365 by accounts receivable.sales by accounts receivable.accounts receivable by net income.accounts receivable by sales.net realizable value.uncollectible accounts expense.accounts receivable turnover.allowance for doubtful accounts.Accounts Receivable + Uncollectible Accounts Expense.Accounts Receivable + Notes Receivable.Accounts Receivable Allowance for Doubtful Accounts.365/Accounts Receivable.(Points : 2)Row OneRow TwoRow ThreeRow Fourthe cash flow method of accounting for uncollectible accounts.the direct write-off method of accounting for uncollectible accounts.the allowance method of accounting for uncollectible accounts.both A and B are correct.increases the amount of sales.increases cash flow from financing activities.decreases cost of goods sold.decreases the amount of inventory the company needs to carry.$23730$24000$25960$26680(Points : 2)Row OneRow TwoRow ThreeRow FourCopyrightsRenewable franchisesGoodwillTrademarksDebt to assets ratioTotal assetsThe ratio of current assets to current liabilitiesReturn on equity ratio$8000 increase in total assets.$6000 cash inflow in the financing activities section of the cash flow statement.$2000 decrease in total assets.$8000 cash inflow in the investing activities section of the cash flow statement.decrease assets and equity and increase cash flow from operating expenses.increase cash flow from operating activities and does not affect the amount of total assets.increase assets equity and cash flow from operating activities.decrease assets and equity with no effect on cash flow.(Points : 2)Row OneRow TwoRow ThreeRow FourPatentCopyrightIron Ore DepositGoodwill$32000 / $64000$32000 / $96000$64000 / $64000$64000 / $96000.$1400$1350$1200$1450Assuming Freer uses a FIFO cost flow method the ending inventory on January 31 is: (Points : 2)$1110$980$880$1250Assuming that Freer uses a FIFO cost flow method the cost of goods sold for January is: (Points : 2)$1590$1840$1740$1680

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