Below you will find selected information (in millions) from Coca-Cola Co. s 2012 Annual Report: Income Taxes Payable$471Short-term Investments and Marketable Securities8109Cash8442Other non-current Liabilities10449Common Stock1760Receivables4812Other Current Assets2973Long-term Investments10448Other Non-current Assets3585Property Plant and Equipment23486Trademarks6527Other Intangible Assets20810Allowance for Doubtful Accounts53Accumulated Depreciation9010Accounts Payable8680Short Term Notes Payable17874Prepaid Expenses2781Other Current Liabilities796Long-Term Liabilities14736Paid-in-Capital in Excess of Par Value11379Retained Earnings55038Inventories3264Treasury Stock35009Other information taken from the Annual Report:Sales Revenue for 2012$48017Cost of Goods Sold for 2012 19053Net Income for 2012 9019Inventory Balance on 12/31/11 3092Net Accounts Receivable Balance on 12/31/11 4920Total Assets on 12/31/11 79974Equity Balance on 12/31/11 31921 Required: 1. Using the information provided prepare a Balance Sheet. Separate the current assets from non-current assets and provide a total for each. Also separate the current liabilities from the non-current liabilities and provide a total for each. 2. Using the Balance Sheet from your answer above calculate; Current Ratio Days in Inventory Average Collection Period Return on Assets Ratio Debt to Total Assets and Return on common stockholders equity ratio. (Make sure to show all your work)

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