the sudden and unexpected collapse of enron corp was the first in a series of major copotate accounting scandal that has shacken the confidence in corporate governance and all the stock market. only months before enrons bankrupcy filling in december 2001 he firm was widely regarded as one of the most innovative fastest growing and best managed business in the US . with the swift collapse shareholders including enrons workers who held company stock in their 401(k) retirement account lost tens of billions of dollars. it then appears that enron was in terrible financial shape as early as 2000 burdend with dept and money losing business but manipulated its accounting statements to hide these peoblems.discuss briefly what went wrong in enron and analyze in detail what are the corporate governance measures that should be practiced by companies in order to avoid another corporate collapse like enron .(your answer should be suported by reccommendations from a minimum of any 2 (two) Code of Best Practices.)1000 wordsneed knowledge on corporate governance code of coporate governance and its regulations

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