1. The following is a list of activities that occur for a company that sells many different types of products. Please classify each as either unit-level (U) batch level (B) product level (P) or organization sustaining activity (O).a. Packing labor wagesb. Materials-handling labor wagesc. Part administrators salariesd. Plant management salariese. Production scheduling staff salariesf. Cost of serving production equipment based on hours usedg. Property taxes of a plant siteh. Production expediters salariesi. Insurancefor plant facilityj. Plant securityk. Production workers trainingl. Cost of electricity to run production equipment2. Shambu Shoes is in the business of manufacturing basketball shoes. Accordingly the company uses the six activity cost pools listed below:Activity Cost Pool Activity MeasureMaintenance Machine HoursSetups Setup HoursCutting Supervision Setup HoursCutting Depreciation Machine HoursAssembly supervision Direct Labor hoursAssembly Depreciation Machine HoursThe company has already carried out its first stage allocations of costs. The company s annual costs and activities are summarized as follows:Activity Cost Pool Estimated Overhead Cost Expected ActivityMaintenance $150000 50000 Machine hoursSetups $450000 300 setup hoursCutting Supervision $270000 300 setup hoursCutting Depreciation $160000 80000 Machine HoursAssembly Supervision $160000 32000 Direct Labor hrsAssembly Depreciation $20000 80000 Machine HoursCompute the activity rate for each of the activity cost pools: Show computationsa. Maintenanceb. Setupsc. Cutting supervisiond. Cutting depreciatione. Assembly supervisionf. Assembly depreciation3. DS Company has identified the following cost pools and activity ratesActivity Cost Pool Activity RateSupporting direct labor $4 per direct labor hourMachine processing $3 per machine hourMachine setups $30 per setupProduction orders $11 per orderShipments $98 per shipmentProduct sustaining $750 per productActivity data have been supplied for the following products:Total Expected ActivityD130 S150Direct labor hours 2500 300Machine hours 4300 250Machine Setups 7 2Production orders 3 2Shipments 9 4Products sustaining 2 1Determine the total overhead cost that would be assigned to each of the products listed above in the activity based costing system: show computations and detailsa. D130b. S1504. Statues Inc. has the following sales budget for the second of the current year:April May June TotalBudgeted sales $250000 $340000 $590000 $1180000From past experience the company has learned that 10% of a month s sales are collected in the month of sale another 60% are collected in the month following sale and the remaining 30% are collected in the second month following sale. Bad debts are negligible and can be ignored. February sales totaled $150000 and March Sales totaled $220000.For each of the following months calculate the amount of projected cash collections: Show solutions and related details.A. AprilB. MayC. June5. Valentino Company had the following budgeted sales over the last 4 months of the year:Sales in UnitsOctober 10000November 25000December 35000January 46000The company is now in the process of preparing a production budget for the forth quarter. Past experience has shown that end of the month inventories of finished good must equal 20% of the next month s sales.The inventory at the end of September is 2000 unitsFor each of the following months calculate the number of units that need to be produced: show computations and related detailsa. Octoberb. Novemberc. December

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