Homework 81. The actual results and static budget are given below for Clark Company. a) Create a flexible budget for Clark CompanyActualFlexible BudgetStatic BudgetSales Volume (units)8000

Variable overhead

Cleaning supplies6400
7200 Electricity3000
2700 Maintenance1200
1800Total variable overhead

Fixed overhead

Supervisor salary9000
9000 Depreciation6000
6000 Rent7500
8000Total fixed overhead

Total overhead

b) How much of the difference between actual and the static budget is due to cost control and how much is due to activity? Provide numbers and direction.2. Huron Company produces a commercial cleaning compound called Zoom. The direct material standards for one unit of Zoom are given below: Standard Quantity Standard Price Standard Cost per UnitDirect material 4.6 pounds $2.50 per pound $11.50During the most recent month the following activity was recorded:o Twenty thousand pounds of material were purchased at a cost of $2.35 per pound.o All of the material purchased was used to produce 4000 units of Zoom.a) Compute the material cost variances. Indicate whether they are favorable or unfavorable.3. The following information is provided by the Atlantic Company:Actual direct material cost$24000Standard direct material cost$20000Direct material usage variance$3000 unfavorable a) What is the direct material price variance (indicate whether it is favorable or unfavorable)?

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